SGAICO Forum: Thomas Koller on AlphaGo

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Date(s) - 13/04/2016
18:30 - 20:00

ETH Zürich - CAB Building
Room: G11

SGAICO and the Zurich Machine Learning Meetup jointly welcome Prof. Thomas Koller to speak about the game of GO and Google’s recent success in the AlphaGo competition.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Koller (Hochschule Luzern): AlphaGo from a Go Player and an AI perspective


The computer program AlphaGo from Google DeepMind has recently defeated one of the strongest Go players, Lee Sedol, to the astonishment of both the go and the AI community. In the talk, we will have a look at the concepts and goals in the game of go and why it was believed to be such a hard problem to solve. We will discuss AlphaGo’s approach and how it differentiates from previous attempts and finally look at some exciting moments in the games. Does AlphaGo play like a human? Does it make mistakes? Can we learn from the computer? Does it understand go concepts? A look at the reactions from the go community and an outlook on the future of AlphaGo rounds up the talk.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Koller is lecturer and researcher in computer science with special focus on image processing, computer graphics and web development. He has worked on 3D image processing and computer graphics applications at the interdisciplinary project center for supercomputing at the ETH, in the computer graphics lab at EPFL and at the computer vision lab at ETH before joining a startup company as head of development. He then worked as software consultant, project manager and senior trainer at Zühlke AG before coming to HSLU, where he is currently involved in several  projects  in the area of computer vision and machine learning. He has been playing Go for more than 20 years and is currently president of the Zurich Go club.



An apero will be offered by SGAICO after the talk.