ECLT Christmas Lecture

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Date(s) - 22/12/2015
14:30 - 16:00

Live Stream on the web

The ECLT christmas lecture by Prof. Nello Christianini is streamed live on the internet on 22.12.2015, 14:30 p.m.


Link for stream:

Title: The future of the individual in the age of big data


Abstract: Modern Artificial Intelligence is powered by statistical methods and fueled by large amounts of data. This reliance on machine learning enabled us to bypass the need to fully understand a phenomenon before replicating it into a computer, paving the way to much progress in fields as diverse as machine translation, computer vision, speech recognition. This approach is affecting also other disciplines: we call this the big-data revolution. For this reason, data has been called the new oil: a new natural resource, that businesses and scientists alike can leverage. Along with great benefits, this approach comes also with many risks, some linked to the changes it brings to scientific method, others due to the fact that very often the valuable data being used is our own personal data. The current trend towards collection, storage, analysis and exploitation of large amounts of personal data needs to be understood, its implications need to be assessed, particularly those that will affect our autonomy, our rights, public opinion, and other fundamental aspects of our life.


Bio Sketch: Nello Cristianini is a Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bristol, His current research covers the large scale analysis of media content (news and social media), using various AI methods, and the implications of Big Data. Cristianini is the co-author of two widely known books in machine learning, “An Introduction to Support Vector Machines” and “Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis” and of a book in bioinformatics “Introduction to Computational Genomics”. He is also a recipient of the Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award and a current holder of a European Research Council Advanced Grant.